What sets the ZM-194 ROAD MAN BLACK apart?

Are you ready to take your long distance rides to the next level? Look no further than the ZM-194 ROAD MAN BLACK road padding. This innovative gear is designed for riders who crave adventure and aren't afraid to push their limits.

The three-dimensional construction of this road padding ensures a perfect fit and greater stability, allowing you to tackle any terrain with confidence. The edges are designed to provide a smooth transition to the inner leg area, giving you the freedom to move without restriction.

Why choose the ZM-194 ROAD MAN BLACK?

Don't settle for ordinary padding when you can have extraordinary. The surface fabric of the ZM-194 ROAD MAN BLACK is breathable and quick drying, keeping you comfortable and dry even during the most intense rides. Plus, with permanent antimicrobial function, you can say goodbye to odors and bacteria.

Experience ultimate protection

With 120 KG/M3 seat bone foam, the ZM-194 ROAD MAN BLACK offers a perfect fit and maximum protection for your long distance rides. Ride with confidence knowing that you have the best gear to support you every step of the way.

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